We provide a wide range of services to meet your needs.  We understand that everyone has individual needs and deserves individual care .  We invite you to explore our services and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Our Services
Chiropractic Care

Both long term muscle tension and sudden impacts, such as a fall or car accident, can impact your joints.  These may cause joints to be pulled and held out of normal alignment, which can disrupt nerve transmissions that affect the entire body.  Misalignments in the spine and other joint problems can result in decreased mobility, pain, headaches and numbness or tingling both at both the problem site and elsewhere in the body.


Chiropractic works to reestablish proper alignment and mobility of your joints.  This can restore balance throughout your body and allow you to return to pain free movement and optimal health.


*We provide manual manipulation as well as activator method depending on your needs.


Acupuncture has many health benefits and can aid in relief of numerous conditions.  A few common uses for acupuncture are listed below:


  • Acute and chronic pain

  • Inflammation

  • Sinus/Allergies

  • Migraine, tension and sinus headaches

  • Muscle Pain/Tension

  • Bladder Dysfunction

  • Gastric Problems

  • Aid in smoking cessation

  • Weight loss

Massage Therapy

Whether you are looking for relaxation, preventative care or to aid in recovery from a recent injury, massage therapy has many incredible health benefits.  There are a variety of techniques used in massage therapy to help ease muscle pain and inflammation, increase range of motion, improve circulation and reduce overall stress.  Incorporating massage therapy and chiropractic can be a very powerful tool to getting well and staying well.   


Massage therapy triggers the body's relaxation response leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated.  Because chiropractic and massage therapy help relieve pain and improve mobility, you may be less likely to slip into the patterns of muscle tension that cause chronic problems.       

Auto Injury Care

At City Lakes we are experienced in dealing with auto injury cases.  Because some symptoms from an auto accident can take months or years to develop, too often people do not seek treatment until more serious complications occur.  It is important to get a thorough evaluation after an automobile accident from a doctor trained to recognize such injuries.  Dr. Anderson has spent years studying auto related injuries and successfully treating patients with a variety of injuries relating to motor vehicle accidents.     


When you are involved in a motor vehicle accident in Minnesota, your treatment for injuries sustained are almost always covered at 100% under the auto policy .  It is important to document and report any injuries as soon as possible to receive necessary compensation for your injuries.  Our billing department at City Lakes is experienced in handling auto claims and we are here to answer any questions and can assist you throughout your care.   

Work Comp Injury Care

If you have been injured at work it is important to report your injuries and seek any necessary medical care for your injury.  Simply contact your supervisor or your employers Human Resources Department to report any work related injuries.  


Your work should provide you with all the information necessary to report your claim and receive necessary medical care.  Please call our office if you have any questions regarding your Worker's Compensation coverage. 

Wellness Care

Keep healthy and feeling your best with regular chiropractic care and massage therapy.  Catch minor aches and pains before they become major issues that could limit your daily activities and affect your ability to enjoy life to the fullest.  

Therapeutic Exercise Instruction 

Our Therapeutic Exercise instruction will help you get the most from your chiropractic treatment by providing you with instruction for daily therapeutic exercises designed to be done on your own.  This can be very beneficial in keeping problems from becoming chronic.  Our therapeutic exercise programs and are tailored to meet your specific needs.       

Therapeutic Care

We offer a wide range of therapeutic care and we can customize your care based on your specific needs.


Ultrasound Therapy

Manual Traction Therapy

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation)

Heat and Cold Application

Trigger Point Therapy

Exercise Instruction/Physical Therapy

Muscle Testing



Nutritional Support


We carry a range of quality supplements to meet your nutritional needs.  Although most of your nutrients should come from the foods you eat, when our bodies are lacking specific nutrients and we need additional assistance, quality nutritional supplements can help meet those nutritional needs.  We have a certified nutritional consultant on staff to answer your questions when choosing the best supplements for you.